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July, 2011


Eve Myles’ Uma Thurman mistake

By On July 20, 2011

Eve Myles has revealed she accidentally called Uma Thurman 'Urman Thurman' at a posh drinks party.… Read More

Tales From Pleasure Beach

Tales From Pleasure Beach (full episode)

By On July 19, 2011

A year ago we featured some video clips from a three part Welsh drama called Tales From Pleasure Beach, which was originally shown on BBC Two in 2001. Eve Myles played the… Read More


Eve Myles on Gwen Cooper

By On July 15, 2011

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Eve Myles discusses ‘Miracle Day’

By On July 12, 2011

Eve discusses Torchwood: Miracle Day.… Read More


Eve Myles: ‘I think it’s odd how it’s mirrored my life so much’

By On July 9, 2011

Eve Myles is Gwen Cooper. She’s a feisty Welsh policewoman and new mum who is hiding out in rural Wales with her husband Rhys (Kai Owen).… Read More