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September, 2009


Torchwood – The Encyclopedia

By On September 20, 2009

A book titled Torchwood - The Encyclopedia is coming out soon from author Gary Russell, who wrote several books on Doctor Who and was part of the script editing team for Torchwood.… Read More


Belonging Remembered – Part 1: All Good Things

By On September 16, 2009

Many fans of Eve Myles have never gotten a chance to see much or any of her work in the TV program Belonging—and for good reason. Why is that? Belonging was never… Read More


BBC slated for using southern accents in North Wales drama Framed

By On September 6, 2009

IT HAD slate mountains, flowing rivers and a close-knit rural community. But the BBC’s depiction of North Wales in new drama Framed was missing one vital element – the right accent. Viewers… Read More