Sheffield Film & Comic Con

By August 30, 2014 Appearances, News, Updates

Showmaster’s first Sheffield Film & Comic Con was brilliant, and Eve and Burn both had a brilliant time! Here are some photos from their signings and panel! (More will be added to the photo gallery shortly.)

We are also on the mission to get Eve verified on Twitter! To do this, we need your help by retweeting this tweet and quoting it, mentioning @Verified!

Broadchurch Cast & Crew To Take Part In Ice Bucket Challenge

By August 25, 2014 Broadchurch, News

Broadchurch star Joe Sims (Nige Carter in series 1), has confirmed that the cast and crew of Broadchurch series 2 will be doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, after being nominated by their Director of Photography Jon Conroy who underwent the challenge on Friday.

Joe has not revelaed exactly who will be taking part in the challenge, however has confirmed that the video will be posted on his Twitter feed at some point this Wednesday!

Eve was also nominated to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Anthony Head on Saturday! For more information on this specific nomination, please check out the following website post! 

Eve nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, by co-star Anthony Head!

By August 23, 2014 You Me and Them

Eve’s co-star, Anthony Head (Ed Walker in You Me, and Them), has nominated her to do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge!

The Ice Bucket Challenge is being completed by those nominated, to help raise money for people suffering from ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/ Motor neuron disease. For more information on ALS, how to donate and the Ice Bucket Challenge, please visit this website. And here is Anthony’s video:

Boston Comic Con | Photos & Videos

By August 12, 2014 Appearances

It looks like Eve and John had a wonderful time this weekend at Boston Comic Con! Here are some videos and photos from the convention!

Shore Leave Sci-Fi Convention | Photos & Videos

By August 8, 2014 Appearances

It is clear that Eve had a wonderful time at the Shore Leave Sci-Fi Convention last weekend in Maryland! Here are some videos and photos that were taken by the attendees, over the course of the weekend!