Broadchurch | Series 2, Episode 4

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Broadchurch was fantastic last night! The viewing ratings were very high, and #Broadchurch was trending for the forth week in a row on Twitter! If you missed last night’s episode, you can watch it here. An album containing episode 4 screen caps is also now up and running in the Photo Gallery!

“I love being a mum, it’s been the making of me”

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The Sunday Express have done a new interview with Eve titled ‘Broadchurch’s Eve Myles: ‘I love being a mum, it’s been the making of me”! Here is an extract from the interview:

Eve Myles was four days on from giving birth to her daughter Siena. She’d just got home from hospital, with her actor husband Bradley Freegard and their eldest daughter Matilda, when the phone rang. “It was my agent calling about a new job,” says Eve, 36. “She said, ‘I suppose you’re not up to travelling to London?’ I asked her what it was for, and when she told me it was Broadchurch I was like, ‘What time do they need me there?’

“I had no idea they were even casting – I’d been in pregnancy world – but Bradley and I were huge fans of the first series and I knew that as soon as I told him, he’d want to pack us all up in the car and just go.”

Fortunately it didn’t come to that. Realising her delicate condition, the producers suggested Bradley should video Eve’s audition scenes on his phone and send it through to them.

“The whole thing was just hilarious,” recalls Eve. “With the baby, we’d literally had no sleep that night, so it was a nightmare with me trying to read these lines from a scene with her crying and the noise of builders in the background.

To view the full article, please click here!

Broadchurch | Series 2, Episode 3

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So, episode 3 came with lots more twists and turns – if you missed the episode on Monday, you view it here! Screen caps of Episode 3 are also now up in the Photo Gallery! Episode one and two screen caps will also be viewable shortly.

We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate Eve’s co-star, David Tennant, on the ‘Special Recognition’ award that he won at last night’s National Television Awards!


Where is Claire?

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Episode 3 of Broadchurch series 2 is premiering tonight at 9pm on ITV – but where is Claire? Last week we saw the story end with the escape of Claire and Lee Ashworth – watch the episode 3 trailer here:

Olivia Colman and David Tennant also spoke about Broadchurch on this week’s ‘Graham Norton Show’ – this clip includes the interview and an exclusive preview of a scene in tonight’s episode!

Make sure to watch Broadchurch tonight at 9pm on ITV!

Wales Online Interview

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Karen Price from Wales Online has done a new interview with Eve, titled “The Broadchurch secrets Eve Myles CAN share”! In the interview Eve talks about Broadchurch, her auditioning experience and family:

Eve Myles is one of those people who exudes an inner calmness.

But she admits she was feeling far from relaxed the day when the TV series Broadchurch made its comeback.

As well as being a huge fan of the TV drama, it marked a milestone in her acting career as the nation would finally get to see her making her debut in the thriller alongside David Tennant and Olivia Colman.

“I was a bag of nerves all day,” admits the down-to-earth mother of two.

“I was in the gym at 7am on the spinning bike because I was so anxious. My mind was constantly on 9pm that night.

“It was unbearable and I spent the entire day cleaning.

“The house was like Buckingham Palace – it was ridiculous,” laughs Eve, who lives in Cardiff with actor husband Bradley Freegard and their daughters – five-year-old Matilda and 10-month-old Siena.

While the Ystradgynlais-born star of shows like Torchwood and Frankie finished shooting her scenes last autumn, the screening on ITV1 was also the first time she and the rest of the cast watched the first episode, which had been kept tightly under wraps.

“Both the children were bathed and in bed by 6.30pm and at 7pm Brad said, ‘You’ve got to sit down at some point!’

“About 20 minutes before it started, we opened some bubbles and I sat on one end of the couch and he sat the other end of the couch. I switched the phone off and I don’t think I breathed for an hour.

“During every ad break we’d just look at each other and go, ‘Oh my god!’

“It was just bizarre to be in it and viewing it and I knew three scenes in that it was better than I could have imagined.”

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Loose Women Interview

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Today, Eve was interviewed on Loose Women! It was a brilliantly funny interview; if you missed it, you can watch it here!

Some HD photos from the interview will be uploaded soon!

Eve shares her ‘bad jokes’ with Wales Online!

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In the Broadchurch series 2 press pack, Olivia Colman was asked how she felt the new cast had settled in – to which she replied with:

Eve Myles is so funny, she has told me some of the worst jokes I have ever heard yet still I think about them in the middle of the night and laugh.

Today, in response to Olivia’s answer, Wales Online posted an interview done with Eve on the topic! Here is the interview:

Broadchurch new girl Eve Myles has revealed some of the gags which broke the ice as she filmed her first scenes of the hit ITV series alongside leading lady Olivia Colman .

And now her fans can judge for themselves if Colman was right to claim they were some of the “worst jokes” she’d ever heard.

“Everything she says is a complete lie – I’m appalled she said that! I’m the best joke-teller,” laughed Ystradgynlais-born Myles when told by WalesOnline what her new colleague had claimed.

So come on, let us be the judge of that…

“Ok, this makes me cringe now,” admitted the mother of two, who was crying with laughter as she prepared to share her jokes with us.

“Why did the spaceship fall out of the sky?”

We don’t know, why did the spaceship fall out of the sky?

“Because it was s**t!”

It may be the kind of joke to cause plenty of groans but Myles admitted the pair were in stitches as she told the gags ahead of their night shoot.

“Olivia fell off her stool. She was rolling about. We both lost it as the joke’s so bad but these are my kind of jokes.

“The second best joke I have I had heard on the radio and had to pull the car over as I had tears in my eyes from laughing so much.

“Why did the boy fall off his bike? Because someone threw a fridge at him? I know, they’re just terrible.”

The Torchwood star was a huge fan of Broadchurch before landing the role of Claire Ripley in the second series of the popular thriller.

And she admitted that it was “surreal” to suddenly find herself in a room with original cast members like Colman and David Tennant for the first read-through ahead of filming.

Despite her jokes, Myles and Colman have become good friends.

“We hit it off straight away. We very much have the same humour and had a great time together.

“You go into these jobs and meet really great people and you then go into the next job and might not see them again. But Olivia and I have kept in touch a lot.

“Olivia’s lovely you know – truly magnificent.”

(You can view the full article, written by Karen Price here!)

Don’t forget to turn over to ITV (Sky – 103/HD 178, Freesat – 103/HD 131) for the 2nd episode of Broadchurch tonight at 9pm!

Broadchurch | Daily Post – Broadchurch Returns… Tomorrow!

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Only one day to go until the hit show comes back for it’s second series! Today’s daily post contains new magazine and newspaper scans, a reminder about the ‘Breakfast in Broadchurch’ radio show happening tomorrow, ITV’s daily teaser trailer, the latest articles and reports, and information about tomorrow’s daily post!
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Wales Comic Con 2015 Part 1

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Wales Comic Con have just announced that Eve will be attending their 2015 Part 1 convention, on Sunday 26th April 2015!

The convention will be held at the Glyndwr University in Wrexham. The university is easily accessible by road, and by train – Wrexham General Station is very close by, the University is only a 5 minute walk away!

Entry tickets are already on sale here – Early Entry tickets (£15) are very limited and allow access to the event from 10am onwards, General Entry tickets (£10) will be available up until a couple of weeks before the event itself, and a few tickets will be purchasable on the day.

Autographs and photos will be £20 each. Photo tickets will be available to buy online within the upcoming weeks – a link will be added as soon as possible!

For more information be sure to follow Wales Comic Con on Twitter, and like their Facebook page. You can also visit their website here.